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Shayla Batty

Thank you for popping by my website - why not stick around and check out what I've been working on!

received my MA in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan in 2023. During that time, I was deeply engaged in Student Affairs and Development projects, as well as an internship at Statistics Canada! I came to love Higher Education, Social Policy Analysis, and Research.

I began my PhD in Sociology at the University of Toronto, but could not shake my newfound passions for both Student Affairs and Policy Analysis. Now, I am working to pivot from academia to industry to help me grow as a Higher Education Specialist, Social Policy Analyst! I am also very interested in expanding my Research skills to industry projects!

Over the last 7 years I have developed a wide ranging skillset in written and oral communicationsI have worked in many areas within Higher Education, including curriculum development, experiential education, and student recruitment, engagement, and mentorship. I am formally trained in data analysis and data ethics, and have experience creating conceptual frameworks, synthesizing research, and managing large databases!
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