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Shayla Batty


I received my BA Hons. in Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan in 2021. I had the pleasure of learning about surveillance studies in the context of police services. I worked closely with qualitative data, learning about police surveillance policy and practice.


I focused on the gendered division of household labor in rural and urban Canada during my MA in Sociology, conducting advanced data analysis on 2015 Canadian General Social Survey data.

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CAnD3’s primary goal is to collaboratively develop, implement, and deliver an innovative training program – Population Analytics in an Aging Society – to equip the next generation of academic and applied population researchers with the knowledge, skills, and networks to support data-driven decision-making in aging societies

Key Skills

Higher Education Specialization

🧰 Workshop Design & Facilitation
📖 Curriculum & Resource Development
🤝 Student Mentorship and Advising
🗂️ Project Management
👩‍🏫 Pedagogical & Instructional Support
💻 Social Media Management
📣 Student Recruitment

Social Policy Analysis & Research

✍️ Technical and Plain Language Writing
📊 Data Analysis & Management (Qualitative & Quantitative) (R, Stata, Qualtrix)
🗣️ Stakeholder Engagement & Liasing
📚 Research Synthesis & Literature Reviews
📋 Program Evaluation

🗂️ Project Management

That's a bit about what I've done, but who am I?

I guess this part is still a work in progress, but isn't it always?

I am a cat lover, but have yet to adopt my own because I equally love all of my plants that aren't kitty-safe!

I enjoy a nice coffee and a pastry. I have always appreciated the ambiance of a local coffee shop.

I enjoy exploring new neighbourhoods, shops, and events. I attend many music and art events. The vibrancy of this city makes me experience many moments of sonder.

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