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My CAnD3 Projects

This is a highlight reel of some of the projects I worked on during my time as a 2022-2023 CAnD3 fellow. These artifacts showcase not only what I produced during the fellowship, but also the skills I had the opportunity to learn. 


Reproducibility Report

This exercise exposed me to the value of "clean coding". Writing code in a manner that is easy to follow and reproduce, as well as an accompanying program that lays out the logistics of the project, allows for smooth collaboration! I had never had to share code before, but clear and precise coding is also helpful for my own projects so I can revisit it without having to spend hours deciphering. This was an interesting project, as reproducibility is a skill that must be practiced, and despite its practicality, I had never had the guidance to work on it until CAnD3. You can see here the program I wrote for my partner to reproduce. It highlights the research question, the specifics needed to reproduce the code, and breaks down the syntax in plain language.


IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) Empirical Data Project

This presentation was co-authored by Akwugo Balogun, Merita Limani and Mila Kolpashnikova. We were tasked with incorporating gender dynamics into an issue related to IDEA using empirical data and propose possible policy solutions. We looked at Prescribed Opioid Use (POU) in America and found that women are more likely to engage in POU as well as individuals of lower family incomes. This shows us that interventions for POU must be gender specific to address the gender gap effectively, and must have the capacity to serve people in lower-income brackets. This project is truly an example of the data-driven decision-making that is at the heart of CAnD3. I learned how to link my substantial knowledge to creating "real-world" change through empirical data. It encouraged me to think of an issue, provide evidence, and work out solutions. This is only the beginning of what I hope to be a journey in data-driven decision-making, and I am so proud of the teammates for creating such a meaningful presentation!

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